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The Associating of Theological Schools (ATS) Commission on Accrediting Site Visit

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Associating of Theological Schools (ATS) Commission on Accrediting has scheduled an evaluation visit to Georgia Central University’s School of Divinity for November 9-12, 2016, to determine the School’s readiness for accreditation.

If any member of the GCU community or the general public has any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this site visit, please contact GCU at planning@gcuniv.edu or ATS at accreditationservices@ats.edu

From http://www.ats.edu/accrediting/evaluation-visits :

As part of its responsibilities to the membership and to the public, the Commission on Accrediting publishes prior to each semester a list of schools receiving comprehensive evaluation visits during that semester. The Commission invites third-party comments on schools scheduled to receive such visits. Comments are particularly welcome regarding the General Institutional Standards, the Educational Standard, and Degree Program Standards.

ATS is a professional disciplinary accrediting body of the highest caliber, and GCU is proud to be considered for accreditation. We ask for your thoughts and prayers as we continue our efforts to obtain this prestigious recognition for GCU’s School of Divinity.